Tap Into the Power of Business Blogging Without Writing a Single Word

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Blogging about your industry is one of the most popular ways to market your company online.

But, what should you do if you don’t like blogging? Or you just don’t have the time?

There are at least two obvious answers – outsource or create an in-house management team to handle the dirty-work.

It’s actually not that dirty. Some people really enjoy it.


If you are a one-person business who doesn’t the time or inclination to manage a blog, outsource the running of it to a freelance blogger or marketing agency.

He/she/they could do everything for you – generate content ideas, create publication schedules and promote your posts through your social media channels.

Handing over the process wouldn’t cut you out of the loop. Any professional writer/agency needs ideas from you to make sure they’re creating relevant and useful content for your audience.

The process of putting a blog post together and publishing it is not at all difficult, especially for experienced bloggers use the medium to market their own business. Tapping into their experience may prove to be a sound investment for you in the long-term.

Some freelance writers/agencies can handle the technical side of running a blog too, but if they can’t, you could also outsource that as well.


If your business is large enough, you could create a team specifically to run the blog and exploit other marketing opportunities stemming from it; social media, video marketing, guest posting.

How much time your staff spends on these activities depends upon the frequency you want to post and the depth and quality of the content you want to put out.

Publishing short posts once or twice a week will only make a small dent in the search engines, but lengthy posts, videos and infographics published more often, could soon bring in more traffic and business than you can handle.

For many businesses it’s best to find some middle ground.

A good starting point is three posts a week, each between 500 – 1,000 words in length.

What should you blog about?

Definitely not office gossip!

People visiting your business blog want to know about the services you offer and/or the products you sell. They want to find out more about your business; how well you know your industry, how you handle customer services, are you trustworthy?

Prospects visit many more pages than the average visitor. They look at the pages that define the company – about, terms, prices, returns. They also read your blog posts as they provide a further insight into your business.

Successful business blogs provide solutions, share valuable information and demonstrate how to do stuff. If you don’t know what to write about, ask your customers what they want to know. Find out where your customers experience problems and provide solutions on your blog.

Whilst in the process of creating content, think about where else you could use it – could you turn it into a short video?, an eBook?, a PowerPoint presentation? You can use all of these formats to promote your business through your own blog and other channels.

News is good too, but by the very nature of it, it only has a short shelf-life. There are times when posting a newsy blog is essential; trade shows, a new product or a TV appearance spring to mind.

Shareable, evergreen content is the ultimate goal for your business blog. You want it to last and work for your business for months and years to come. You want people to share it on your behalf.

If you can get it right, a business blog will pay for itself over and over.

Picture – DavidMartynHunt