Tap Into the Power of Business Blogging Without Writing a Single Word

Blogging about your industry is one of the most popular ways to market your company online. (If you need a quick hit and don't mind laying out some cash, AdWords is another great option.) But, what should you do if you don't like blogging? Or you just don't have the time? There are at least two obvious answers - outsource or create an in-house management team to handle the dirty-work. It's actually not that bad. Some people really enjoy it. Outsource If you are a one-person … [Read more...]

On-Page SEO: 12 Tips for Creating a Well-Optimised Web Page or Blog Post (infographic)

On-Page SEO Infographic

SEO today isn't quite rocket science, although it might seem like it if you're struggling to get your pages ranked on Google. Page titles, header tags, latent semantic indexing (LSI) are some of the terms you'll come across in this infographic about on-page SEO for websites and blogs. At first they may cause confusion and head-scratching, but once you understand how each works, and how easily they are to control (especially if you're running a WordPress powered website), I hope you'll look at … [Read more...]

How to get your Website into Google and why you Should Never Pay Someone to do it for you

Google Logo

Never pay somebody to submit your website to Google or any other search engine. Google does a grand job of discovering websites without being told where to look. The only person/people benefiting from this type of deal, is the person you pay. It's true, Google provides an online submission form, but there is no need to use it as long as you can get a link to your site from somewhere on the internet. Getting your site discovered through an inbound link is better than using the online … [Read more...]

Quick tip for reducing Twitter noise in minutes

Fly Tweet Fly

We all follow people on Twitter who give the impression they're online every second of the day. Their tweets appear every few minutes and are often self-promotional. Some of these people are very well known and respected in social media circles, partly because they tweet so much, so I guess it works to some degree. But that doesn't stop it from becoming more than a tad annoying, especially if it's someone you feel doesn't provide a great deal of value. Sure, you could unfollow them, … [Read more...]

How to get your first 100 Twitter followers

how to get your first 100 Twitter followers

It doesn't matter if you are using Twitter for the first time or if you've used it for a while, I'm sure you'll find some useful information in this infographic from Quick Sprout. Suggested Reading Once you start following a lot of people on Twitter, your feed can get a little busy, making it difficult to stay in touch with people that matter to you. Read this post to find out how to use Twitter lists to reduce the noise. Perhaps the biggest take-away from the data is how … [Read more...]

How to Stop Yourself Falling for the Next Push-Button Solution that will Make you Millions While you Sleep


I'm fidgeting in my seat. I'm watching a digital version of an analogue clock on the screen of my laptop move closer to its goal. One. Second. At. A. Time. There's 57 minutes left for me to save 60% on a $197 service. That's a BIG saving. I'm so tempted to click on the Buy Now! button. It seems everyone is using this product right now. It must be working. It must be making money. Surely? I'm on the fence... In my head I justify the cost. I plan how I will use this email … [Read more...]

The scary truth about online passwords


A few weeks ago, Google announced that some five million Gmail logins were leaked on the internet. The company said many of the combinations wouldn't work and its own anti-hijacking systems should prevent people from accessingGmail accounts illegally. In response to the leak, LastPass, which is a really useful password managing app/browser extension, released this infographic about how we use passwords. You probably won't be shocked to see the simplicity of the top 10 most-used passwords. … [Read more...]

Google survey shows voice search on smartphones on the increase

Google Voice Search Survey

A Google survey shows more of us are using our voice instead of our fingers to do a search on smartphones. As always, teens are early adopters and have no qualms asking Google a question rather than typing in a search phrase. The survey, which was carried out in the US, examined the smartphone voice search habits of 1,400 people. 400 were aged between 13 and 17, and the rest were 18+. What are people using voice search for?   While most teenagers really don't care what people … [Read more...]

How to sign up for Google Analytics and create the tracking code you need for your website or blog

photo credit: yukop via cc

In this post you will learn how to sign up for Google Analytics and create the tracking code you need to install on your website/blog. Google Analytics is the industry standard program for gathering information about your website's visitors'. It's free to use, very easy to install, and within 24 hours or so you will start seeing data about the people visiting your site, giving you a better understanding of how your site is performing and how people are using it. If you don't yet … [Read more...]

How to Change the Default Post Category in WordPress

Change Default Category WordPress

WordPress uses categories and tags to organise posts (if you are not sure how they work, click this link for an explanation), but not pages. The default category is Uncategorized. You have probably seen it around. If you forget to assign a post to a more appropriate category, WordPress adds it to Uncategorized. This is okay if you don't give a shit about your site, but if you do care, or if you are using WordPress to power your business site, you really should assign every post to a … [Read more...]