Home Page Web Design Elements of Fortune 500 Companies

Fortune 500 Companies Websites

The home page of your website is many things: a snapshot of your business and the services you offer, a gateway to your content and a chance to draw-in the casual visitor on the lookout for people to do business with. This infographic from Go-Globe looks at the home pages of Fortune 500 companies and examines the elements and styles they use on the home pages of their websites. Follow the crowd What's noticeable about most of the sites on the list is they tend to follow the same layout: … [Read more...]

On-Page SEO: 12 Tips for Creating a Well-Optimised Web Page or Blog Post (infographic)

OnPage SEO

SEO today isn't quite rocket science, although it might seem like it if you're struggling to rank pages on Google. As a blogger or webmaster you can only do so much on-page optimisation. After that, it's up to the algorithm to decide which pages rank and which pages don't. Away from the on-page content there are other factors to consider: domain authority/age, backlink profile, competitiveness of the keyword you're targeting and personalised search to name just a few, and while getting the … [Read more...]

How to get your Website into Google and why you Should Never Pay Someone to do it for you

Google Logo

Never pay somebody to submit your website to Google or any other search engine. Google does a grand job of discovering websites without being told where to look. The only person/people benefiting from this type of deal, is the person you pay. It's true, Google provides an online submission form, but there is no need to use it as long as you can get a link to your site from somewhere on the internet. Getting your site discovered through an inbound link is better than using the online … [Read more...]

The scary truth about online passwords


A few weeks ago, Google announced that some five million Gmail logins were leaked on the internet. The company said many of the combinations wouldn't work and its own anti-hijacking systems should prevent people from accessing Gmail accounts illegally. In response to the leak, LastPass, which is a really useful password managing app/browser extension, released this infographic about how we use passwords. You probably won't be shocked to see the simplicity of the top 10 most-used … [Read more...]

Google survey shows voice search on smartphones on the increase

Google Voice Search

A Google survey shows more of us are using our voice instead of our fingers to do a search on smartphones. As always, teens are early adopters and have no qualms asking Google a question rather than typing in a search phrase. The survey, which was carried out in the US, examined the smartphone voice search habits of 1,400 people. 400 were aged between 13 and 17, and the rest were 18+. What are people using voice search for?   While most teenagers really don't care what people … [Read more...]

Why you Don’t Need to Spend a Small Fortune on a Brand new Website


Quite a few years ago I met this guy who spent £18,000 on a brand new speed-dating website. He put so much money into the design and build, he had virtually nothing left for marketing his speed-dating events. He turned to an SEO company, who in turn SEOd the site and did their best to achieve the rankings he needed to generate business. Sometimes SEO works slowly, sometimes it works very quickly. In the case of the speed dating guy, it didn't work quickly enough and he soon found he was the … [Read more...]

How to Change the Permalinks or Delete Pages on a WordPress Website Without Losing Traffic or Driving Visitors Crazy


If your website or blog is getting traffic, changing the permalinks will result in an immediate drop in traffic to your site, and more importantly, your popular pages, unless you do something to stop it happening. It's a scary thought, isn't it? Think about it - Google knows the URLs of all your pages, then, one day, you change all or one of the permalinks without telling Google (or the other search engines) what you've done. The traffic will keep hitting the old URL(s), where your … [Read more...]

When and Why Paying for AdWords is a Good Idea


For some businesses, AdWords is the best way to generate regular and reliable traffic. We work with a client in the used woodworking machinery niche who spends less than £150 on AdWords each month, but still makes a hefty profit because they sell their products for thousands of pounds. It's not right for every niche, but as long as you're turning a profit, there's no reason why you can't run an AdWords campaign alongside an organic marketing campaign. Here a few examples of when it is a … [Read more...]

Recommended WordPress Web Hosts

When it comes to choosing the right web host, for me, there are two factors more important than price; website performance and customer service. I'd rather pay a little more to know that my sites are always running and they're as fast as they can be, and that when I have a problem or question, I can get it resolved quickly. Typically there are three types of hosting; shared hosting, VPS (virtual private server) and dedicated (servers). The vast majority of people use shared hosting because … [Read more...]

Test the Speed of Your WordPress Site Using a Free Online Tool

One of the biggest issues with WordPress is the time it takes for pages to load. WordPress is a dynamic system so it creates pages when they are requested, but there are a number of things that can slow down a WordPress site. A slow server Long pages High resolution images Too many images on a page Too many plugins making a call to the database at the same time Unused plugins still making calls to the database Unused code snippets A slow loading site makes for a poor user … [Read more...]